Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

Our team of surgeons performs single incision laparoscopy, the most recent breakthrough in laparoscopic colon surgery. Instead of one large incision or multiple smaller ones, this technique involves one single, small incision, which is hidden through the navel.

The most obvious benefit for patients is the lack of apparent scar tissue. Other benefits include diminished postoperative pain and lower risk of wound infections and hernias.

Our team recently published the largest series of SILS cases in the country.

This is a young woman who had a precancerous polyp in her right colon.
She went home in two days.

5O year old male with cancer in his right colon underwent single incision
laparoscopic surgery and has a single scar less than 2 inches long. This photo
was taken 2 weeks after his surgery.